by Ann Drew Yu, Life Coach and Creator of The Intention Program™

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a Feng Shui consultation with Roseanne Hope, principal attorney at Hope Law PLLC, as she prepared to open her new law office. We spent 90 minutes together, preparing her new office space, discussing her intentions for Hope Law, and revisiting the fascinating path that led her to this point.

Below are highlights from our conversation.

Why did you decide to open Hope Law?
I like being an entrepreneur. In 2009, I started Compendium Business Strategies with Julie Tanaka and Bren Buckley. We consulted with the FDIC and financial institutions and invested in and restructured pools of distressed commercial real estate assets.

In 2013, when the economy began to recover, I decided it was a great time to take a break and pursue a dream I’d had for years – traveling around the world. I spent time doing incredible volunteer activities – teaching English in Thailand, jobs training for trafficking survivors in Nepal, and developing social justice curriculum for law schools in Southeast Asia. These positions allowed me to give back and meet people from all over the world who were making a difference. I loved it!

Other adventures I pursued were riding an elephant bareback in the jungle, paragliding in the Annapurnas, sailing and snorkeling (and trying to dive) in the Great Barrier Reef, climbing Kilimanjaro, and trekking to Machu Picchu.

In 2014, when I came back from my adventure, everything felt like a fresh start. I eased into the transition by pursuing another dream – writing a memoir about my travel experience. This process helped me reflect on what I wanted next, and the answer became clear.

I wanted to open my own firm (Hope Law), get back into the corporate world, and return to the professional work and relationships I’ve devoted myself to for twenty-five years. Although I loved writing and will still work on my book in my spare time, I like to collaborate with people and help them close deals. It’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment and teamwork that energizes me.

What do you like about your industry?
I love that I have an opportunity to work with smart, sophisticated people in a collaborative team approach. That’s very satisfying and stimulating. As one of the founding members of MNCREW 20 years ago, it’s been rewarding to see the great progress women in our industry have made. I also like that it’s fast-moving with a lot of different components and variety. No deal is the same.

When you and I worked on your office, we spent time identifying your intentions for Hope Law. Would you share some of them?
Sure, first and foremost, I look forward to doing quality work with people I’ve built relationships with and served for 25 years, plus working with the new clients I’ll meet along the way. I’m fortunate to have many friends in the legal and real estate fields who have helped me get started through referrals and sharing marketing strategies and administrative secrets.

Of course, I intend for my business to be profitable and to be rewarded for my efforts. However, being a business owner can be consuming, and it’s important to me to keep balance in my life. Running, skiing, cooking and spending time with friends and family are my passions. I love to travel and explore the world, but I think I got the wanderlust out of my system…for a while!

Also, I want to make a contribution and give back to the industry. I’m planning to mentor young women in the field through MNCREW and other venues. I am training new women business owners in entrepreneurial skills, real estate and business law at Women Venture. And finally, my succession plan includes eventually bringing on a younger attorney to work with me.

Your new office is in the Pinehurst Building at 50th and France. I understand that you did the legal work for the redevelopment 15 years ago. That is a fascinating backstory. Was that a coincidence?
Ha! No it’s not a coincidence. Actually, it’s a fortuitous result of a long-term professional relationship. When I was practicing law at Dorsey and Whitney several years ago, I worked with Tom Lohmann, Dan Wozniak and Paul Maenner on all parts of this deal-the original acquisition, redevelopment, financing and leasing of this property. In addition to working on leases for this property over the years – most recently on the new Edina Realty office – I’ve also worked with them on other projects. Over time, we became friends.

When I decided to launch my practice in January, I gave them a call to let them know. They said, “We have a project for you to work on. And, why don’t you come office here?” It was a perfect set-up, close to my home. It’s a beautiful property in a fantastic location. I’m proud to have played a role in its development. I feel fortunate to be here.

Hope Law PLLC is a boutique real estate and business law firm providing strategic, confidential and expert advice for small businesses, private equity investors and corporate real estate departments. Principal Roseanne Hope has been advising clients on real estate leasing, acquisitions, financing and operations for 25 years. Her new office is conveniently located at 50th and France in Southwest Minneapolis.

Ann Drew Yu is a Minneapolis-based life coach and creator of The Intention Program. In addition to helping clients cultivate mindfulness and positivity, she is a certified Feng Shui consultant who helps clients create work spaces that are professional, prosperous, and balanced.

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